2011 to 2012. Goodbyes and hellos.

30 Dec


I mean. Hello everyone. 🙂

2012 is coming. Which means the school is approaching. And 2011 is coming to the end.

I got some memories that I want to share.

First of all, my PMR result. A day before PMR result, I wasn’t terrified of my result, I’m terrified about my parents. I don’t want to disappoint them. Okay, that night. I was dreaming that I got staright A’s. Then, my crush appeared in my dreams and said, “Congratulations, honey! I love you!”. Wow, it’s like I’m living in heaven. TET! Okay, it’s 10 in the morning so I woke up and bla bla bla ya da ya da. Okay, I was at school that time, with my pal, Jai. I saw my school already crowded with PMR candidates. Okay, my heart was beating fast.

The first person I met is Jan. Okay, I though he’s crazy, because he’s smiling every time. Okay. Then, I asked him how’s the result. OKAY WOW! He got straight A’s. Not bad, tauke laksa? Before taking my result, I congratulate my friends, especially people who get straight A’s. After that, I slowly and hoping, taking my result. “TAHNIAH.”, my teacher said. My heart beating faster than Ford Mustang GT500 Shelby. I immediately open it, and….. TA-DA! I got 2A 4B 1C. Aiyyo! I felt disappointed, worse than being dumped by my girl. But, I’m forcing myself to look happy and smile to the people. I called Mom, and tell my result. She wasn’t disappointed. Instead, she immediately asked me to apply for Vokasional Sejingkat. And it so obvious that they want me to go that school. But, I’m still doubt about it. Right now, still undecided BUT I’m staying. Yay for me! Okay, proceed with my story. Even my Dad want me to apply it. And I whispered to myself, “Mom, Dad. I know Vokasional is good for me, because it’s for my future. I totally respected it, but my decision is to stay.” Mom, Dad. I love you. Oh, by the way, CONGRATULATIONS for students that passed with flying colours. 🙂

Next, it’s about my Christmas. Yes, it was…. kinda fun. Sometimes, it’s boring because;

– I invited my friends to come. I thought they came as I expected. Apparently, it wasn’t.

– Christmas this year was not merrier as I expected, again. My annoying sister, Carol stay here for a while because she had to go back to Mukah on 26th to study at Politeknik Mukah.

– Family? I don’t think so. I prefer to enjoy with them. 😉

– As I expected, I’m FOREVER ALONE.

But it doesn’t matter, maybe they can’t come because the weather (which it always rain cats and dogs lately), or they have family gathering, or some of my friends buzy helping their parents at home, OR they just too lazy to come. Hehe, just kidding. After all, it’s quite fun. So, Obama will say…

To be honest, my 2011 wasn’t so bad after all. Even though it have some bad memories. I’m really looking forward for 2012. Not some “The End of the World” rumors because the world is in God’s hand. By the way, school is coming which means new experience, new subjects, new life and new personality. Next year, I would not being childish, playful or lazy. Because Form 4 is not a joke. WHICH means it’s serious. There’s no time to play. Err, but I cannot resist the temptation of Dota and Team Fortress 2. Hehe.

Anyway, people. I just wanna say; Happy New Year! And God Bless! May happiness and prosperity be with you. Let’s party people, wanna some Jarate? (actuallyit’speeinthebottlefordrinking)

P/S – Wow, this is my FIRST ever my longest post in my blog. And not proud of it. 😀


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