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Irritating ‘Like’ on Facebook.

30 Dec


If you reading the title, now you know what I hate the most.

I make this simple, alright?

Recently, a group called ‘Persatuan Pengelike‘. WOW! And you know what they doing? Spam LIKE. Yes. Spam LIKE. Actually, it’s really annoying because they ‘like’ each of every our posts.

The ‘like’ in Facebook was meant for agree of something. Or like the post/photos/notes/etc. But, it’s wasn’t meant for spamming. People nowadays are abusing the ‘Like’ button. I don’t get it. Why people like it? It just for fun? Or be loyal to another ‘Likers’? For me, it is ANNOYING. People don’t have to spam ‘Like’, at every post. That’s attention seeking whore. It is pathetic.

Next thing, this people make me wanna laugh. One day, a girl chat with me. And then, “Boleh sik kitak like status kmk ya?” Are you kidding me? And I was like, “Wow, desperate mena kitak tok.”. But I won’t tell her like that, I’m just appear offline. HAHAHAHAHA! I was surprised. Even now, I’m still reminiscene about it.

Different person have different opinion, if some people doesn’t like it. Don’t force them to do something stupid. I’m not insulting them. But, it’s true. Frankly, you’re doing it wrong. Social network (Facebook) is for interact with friends and meet new friends. Not some ‘like-spammers asshole‘. My advice for you, (whether you gonna listen or not) USE FACEBOOK ‘LIKE’ APPROPRIATELY. You can make difference. I’m serious about this! 🙂

P/S – If you agree, press ‘Like‘. Haha, just kidding. No offense, ‘Likers‘. I’m just trying to give some advice. Sort of.