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#TwtUpKch’s official website.

8 Nov

Hello people, especially Kuchingites.

I make it simple, so..

Here we go, people of Kuching!

It’s TwtUpKch official website! (Click the hashtag below)


But, the website is still in progress. Also, the sponsors and venue will be update. Patience people. Don’t forget the date, it’s 10th December 2011.

Haven’t RSVP yet? Check on my last post. Come on people! We need more. 😀

Okay, that’s it for today post. I’m out! See you in next post. 😉

P/S – Ku tok kuat mengada-ada. Sorry. Haha!



6 Nov

Hello world,

I want to share with you something. There’s an event will happen in Kuching. 🙂

Ta da! Here’s it is! It’s a Tweet Up Kuching! It’s been suggested by people in Kuching, and it’s been organized by Sarawak Bloggers. They been talking this event in Twitter. Some of you might puzzled with this Tweet Up. Why? It’s a gathering for Twitter people, to know each other, enjoy and can meet all Twitter people in Kuching.

Unfortunately, the venue and time not confirmed, yet. But, hey don’t worry, at least we know the date. The TwtUpKch happens in December 10th! More info, just click this. → TwtUpKch

If you excited to come, just RSVP to confirm your attendance. Speaking of that, I really want to join, but I’m not sure whether I can go or not. 😦

Twitter or no Twitter, come join us! It would be fun you know? I mean, bukan selalu ada kat Kuching nak? If this event is success, maybe Tweet Up Sarawak might happen? Follow the hashtag for updates. DON’T FORGET TO FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER! *desperate*

P/S – My posts sucks. Sorry. 😀